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Welcome to my new website. Because I write in several genres, I thought it best to provide separate sites for my readers. In the near future, I'll  add another site for my mystery/suspense and saga works. 
For someone who grew up dreaming about Dick Tracy's wrist radio and wondering if anyone would ever have such a thing, this modern world of technology is startling. Yes, I've been around for awhile. But, you know, one thing that hasn't changed that much is romance. Oh, there are mores now that didn't exist back then, and you can read sexy stuff that never would have seen the light of day at that time. All in all, though, in my humble opinion, love is about two people who discover each other, and go through the stages of bonding. Sometimes it's funny; sometimes, it's poignant. But always, if it's love, it ends well. A happy ending. Uh, not quite... But always resolved, now that we can say for certain. I'll have more to say in the days and weeks ahead. For now, thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment if you wish, and let me know what you think about romance. Cheers,
Pat Dale
5/24/2011 04:56:36

Hi Pat Dale! As a reader of your books, I can say you deliver all that you promise. Like your new website. Good luck with it and all your writing! Best, Heather Haven, author of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries

Regina Puckett
5/26/2011 22:38:03

Thanks for stopping by my website and leaving such a nice comment.


6/8/2011 03:43:39

Looking forward to receiving your blog etc., and will be looking for your books.

5/31/2012 02:44:13

THX for info


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